Vaughan Build recently built this modern “Skygarden” concept home in a mid-town Toronto neighbourhood. Dubbeldam Architecture + Design are the masterminds behind the innovative and breathtaking home. Working closely with the architects, the Vaughan Build team went above and beyond to ensure the integrity of the design was brought to life.

Skygarden was a challenging project given the age of the structure and design requirements.  The Vaughan Build team had to deal with existing conditions of a 100-year old building for such a complex design. This meant the team to had to build to an exacting standard in order to achieve the architect’s vision.  For example, Vaughan Build had to construct a structural steel skeleton as a starting point to maintain the structural integrity of the building in order to stay true to the architect’s vision.

Working in concert with structural engineers and the architect, the Vaughan Build team provided a seamless execution of the innovative design with razor sharp planning and building precision needed to support this type of minimalist contemporary design.


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